The maintenance planner allows you to request services with ease. Taking care of your home is important and it's often difficult to keep track of the many maintenance items needed to keep a home in good working order. Let us know what home maintenance and projects that you'd like to complete over the next year and the frequency or time frame.

Dream Pro CONNECT formerly Home Services Link is simple to use.

1. Complete the form and submit. (We will confirm that we received your email so you don't need to worry.)
2. When the service is due we will confirm that you still require the service before submitting your request(s) to screened, insured and reliable contractors.
3. You will be contacted to schedule the requested home maintenance service(s) by the contractor(s) directly.

"We save time  now that we don't have to spend hours researching dozens of contractors,.  Besides, we want more than just a recommendation, we want to know the contractors have been screened before coming to our home.!"  Bruce & Annette Koehler